a business style description

zURBS is a non-profit organization that wants to re-think urban realities by researching, re-viewing and re-acting to city life through a social-artistic performative approach that provides new perspectives on the urban debate. zURBS wants to make people look at and re-think their city in new and different ways. By working with a wide range of urban citizens through a social-artistic approach, zURBS aims to pose alternatives to the collective co-existence (=the social) in our cities, through creative and imaginative processes (=the artistic). Our projects offer a mode of critique through a participatory and collective fantasy that focus on a “transgressive” imagination that questions aspects of the present by moving beyond the set limits and into the realm of the not yet set. By actively involving different urban stakeholders (such as politicians, artists, urban planners, community groups, citizens, architects, researchers etc.) to take part in various interventions, workshops and tours, zURBS wants to form new partnerships and projects that build upon a mutual understanding of the complexity of urban society, a specific urban debate, location or situation. Thus, zURBS is a different way of thinking upon city relations. It takes form as an open and accessible process where different urban spheres come together to approach an urban topic or problem from a variety of perspectives, approaches and competences that suits its complexity. This way, zURBS aims at making space for more profound and effective urban impacts that will empower citylife as a whole.