Sabeth Tödtli

Sabeth grew up in Zürich and studied architecture in Zürich and Glasgow. She was project manager for the conversion and extension of a housing complex from the 50ies, as well as several small projects and competitions. While working as an architect, she became more interested in the processes in cities than in singular buildings as objects. So she went on to do a Master degree in urban studies, at the universities of Brussels, Vienna, Budapest, Copenhagen and Madrid. Back in Zürich she co-founded the social-artistic urban laboratory zURBS. zURBS develops and organizes participatory research-projects on the perception of urban space using artistic methods, in form of walkshops, games, tours and other events. She’s also the co-founder of Nextzürich, a citizens forum for their ideas for the city’s future, co-founder of the Hidden Institute in Berlin, a researching network for future-proof cities, part of the art-collective Franz Lund, co-initiator of an urban lab and temporary project space in Zürich called Pavilleon, and coordinator of the Urban Equipe, which lays the foundation and creates opportunities for collaborative urbanism. Moreover she’s curating urban intervention, interaction and urban art projects.

Cecilie Sachs Olsen

Cecilie is a PhD researcher at Queen Mary University of London. Her research revolves around how art can be used as a framework to analyse and re-imagine space and politics. Cecilie is also active in the social-artistic laboratory zURBS, which she co-founded in 2011. zURBS works with artistic approaches to how we can re-think and re-imagine urban space. Cecilie studied Urban Studies in Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid, and Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Copenhagen. She has been working as a research assistant at the Institute of Critical Theory at Zurich University of the Art at the research project re/Okkupation, as well as at the research project Urban Breeding Grounds at the Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, ETH Zurich. Cecilie was co-organizer of the international conference reART:theURBAN (Zürich, 2012) and was co-curator of the conference rePLAYCE:theCITY (Zürich, 2013). Cecilie has published articles about her work in journals such as International Journal of Cultural Policy, Common the Journal and Models Ruin Power.

Nina Lund Westerdahl

Nina is an Architect/ Urbanist/ Artist/ Human (in reversed order of prioritisation).
She holds a master in Architecture from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. However, now she is more focused on what happens between the walls than the constructions themselves, and her master included a study of city-development and conservation in Tanzania, which focused on participation and the urban environment. Later she started a housing project in Sierra Leone under Architects Without Borders DK. In 2011 she went to Zurich. While working as an architect for Boesch Architekten, she joined the just-founded zURBS in February 2012. Here she likes to focus on the public awareness of urban space by exploring, collecting and sharing the manifold aspects of everyday city-life.
Now she works with playful approaches, art, graphics and much more in Berlin where she also is a co-founder of the Hidden Institute, a researching network for future-proof cities.
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