Let those balloons
let them fly away
watch them being caught
in the trees of boulevards
Sneak away
into narrow alleys
Take your friend by her hand
Go blinded, carefully, step by step
Go observe, go watch closely
Find frames and containers in all their disguises
look behind and above and inside of them
Keep checking the horizon for exceptions
but check under your shoe soles as well
Follow the smells into dark far-out corners
Escape from the nightmares your neighbours keep dreaming
Catch the city red-handed when it feels unobserved.
Teach the street dogs a language
so they teach you to wander.
Drink sips of the golden abundance around us
Find secrets and write them on postcards to friends
hide them better soon after, for others to find
Then dance! Dance with strangers
And balance on the fragile strings between people
the strings of those networks they have been growing
And run! Run in zig-zag
Pile up those realities
And climb. And jump
Jump into a pool of options
And swim through the questions the city is asking
don’t hope for an answer
just swim
and watch
and dive
and listen
the whispering of hidden dreams
Find tiny beginnings
of grand and bright futures
don’t loose them
but follow
or laugh