invisible basels

invisible Basels

Walkshops and making/exhibition of an alternative city archive for the festival and conference “performaCITY”.
June 2014. Theater Kaserne, Basel, Switzerland

invisible Basels is series of workshops that engages the residents of Basel in the making of an alternative city archive that experiments with ways to trace, document and (re)present the lived experiences of the present in order to build visions and ideas of shared futures.

In the frame of the performaCITY festival/conference [link], zURBS created an alternative city archive, stadtARCHIV, for Basel at Kaserne Basel [link]. The archive was created through a series of walkshops leading the participants to different locations in Basel. With the help of various questions and exercises, the participants here collected traces of

the past, present and future of Basel. These traces took the form of impressions, images, artefacts, drawings, stories, dialogues and memories that revealed the participants’ personal experiences of and perspectives on Basel. At the Kaserne the participants then built the alternative city archive out of all the things they have collected. For each workshop this archive continuously grew, displaying more and more perspectives and experiences of Basel. This way the walkshops facilitated a participatory process for sharing multiple realities, perspectives and artefacts, contributing to new ways of thinking about and perceiving their city.


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