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Below you can see the projects we made in and with the city, walking and discovering, researching, playing, doing interventions, archiving and documenting in situ...

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PUFF travels – possible urban fantastic futures   
/ audio tour / interventions / performing / art
Audio tour (1,5 h / 3 tracks) to 3 different possible futures of Sydhavnen, a neighbourhood in Copenhagen, with over 100 participants of the experimental cities conference conference as part of the City Link Festival 2017.
September 2017, Copenhagen, DK

I går var i dag Fremtiden – en Tidskapsel 
/ interventions / performing / art / research / archiving
‘Yesterday, today was the future – a time capsule’ was an interactive urban performance that captured 24 typical hours around the Copenhagen Harbour.
For lots of pictures see fb.
September 2016, Copenhagen, DK

Gentrifiers Anonymous
/ workshop / performing
Inagurating meeting of the newly formed community GA – Gentrifiers Anonymous. A performative experiment and self-reflective critique on the fact, that we are all gentrifiers, partially, and on the question of how to deal with that constructively. Workshop as part of “the Living School” session on expulsion at the Peckham Liberal Club, curated by the artist Brandon LaBelle and the South London Gallery. For GA-updates see fb or web.
February 2016, London, UK

Zeitkapsel Europaallee 2015
/ interventions / performing / art / research / archiving
24-h urban research and intervention, 24h in situ, 24h of collecting the here and now for a time-capsule, to be buried for the future to find out what was really going on in Europaallee 2015. Commissioned by SBB
September 2015, Zürich, Switzerland

St. Clement’s – in transition
/ workshops / model / utopia
A series of workshops conducted aimed to involve the local community around the former mental hospital St. Clement’s site in the process of developing permanent public art works for the site. , in collaboration with Applecart and the blacksmith-artist Agnes Jones. Commissioned by Linden Homes
June 2015, Mile-End London, UK

Archiving the City
/ walkshop / performing / archiving
An urban exploration for the symposium Performing Urban Archives
June 2015, Queen Mary University London, UK

invisible Nordhausen
/ walkshops / urban interventions
Walkshops with kids/teenagers for the East-German children and youth festival “Wildwechsel“.
September 2014 (1 week), Nordhausen, Germany

/ workshops / model / art / exhibition
Utopian model-building with 80 participants in the frame of the contemporary art festival “hik et nunk“.
September 2014 (1 week), Crochetan Theatre, Monthey, Switzerland

zURBS @ LEERgang
/ walkshop / panel
Walkshop through the Mitte-district in order to find and activate small urban vacancies, as a contribution to LEERgang, the annual conference of Leerstandsmelder, invited by openberlin.
July 12, 2014, Berlin Mitte, Germany 

/ game / treasure hunt / performing
A Bus-and-bus stop game at the TfL (Transport for London) bus cavalcade in Regent Street in London, invited by UCL (University College London).
June 22, 2014, London, UK

invisible Basels
/ walkshops / archiving / exhibition / panel
Walkshops and making/exhibition of an alternative city archive for the festival and conference “performaCITY“.
June 2014 (2 weeks), Theater Kaserne, Basel, Switzerland

De-tour for ZHAW
/ de-tour
A playful de-tour through Zürich West with a group of ZHAW students (Zürcher Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften).
May 28, 2014, Zürich West, Switzerland

Tracing Invisible Londons
/ walkshop / exhibition / roundtable discussion
An invisible-cities-walkshop around Euston Station in London, in the framework of the annual exhibition and event programme “Cities Methodologies“, organized by Slade School of Fine Art, UCL (University College London).
+ zURBS as part of round table discussion “Learning to Walk“.
May 2014, UCL London, UK

invisible Kreis 5
/ walkshop
invisible-cities-walkshop through Zurich West with 40 employees of the NGO swisscontact, as an introduction to them moving their office to the district.
December 2013, Zürich West, Switzerland

Intervention Klarsicht  [intervention clear-sightedness]
/ performing
Performative contribution by Sabeth to the book-release of “Schweizgespräch. Von der Lust und Freude am Politischen – Eine Denk-Allmend für den Flugplatz Dübendorf” by Thom Held und Jürg Minsch.
October 28, 2013 Buch-Cafe Sphères, Zürich, Switzerland

invisible Zürichs
/ curating / programming / walkshops / archiving / performances
zURBS curating Südbühne (“Südbühne für alle”), invited by the theatre Gessnerallee Zürich. www.invisible-zurichs.ch
October 16 – December 20, 2013 (9 weeks), Südbühne, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zürich, Switzerland

Urban Interventions
/ teaching / interventions
Interdisciplinary seminar week Z-Modul, together with artist Johannes M. Hedinger & Imanuel Schipper, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).
September 9-13, 2013, ZHdK Zürich, Switzerland

Re-flect! Art in Public Space
/ map / game
A participative search along the question: how does art reflect the public? A map full of exercises, as a contribution to the art festival “Reactivate! Art in Public Space“, invited by the city of Zug.
August 23 – September 28, 2013, Zug, Switzerland

Öffentlicher-Raum-Discount [public space discount]
/ interventions
Public pasta cooking and eating in public space, for everyone, for free. As part of “böff“, a cooperation with Konzeptbüro Rote Fabrik, aiming at playing with and in public space.
May 28 & September 3, 2013, Bürkliplatz, Zürich, Switzerland


Zürich – eine Gebrauchsanweisung [Zurich – a user’s manual]
/ game
A playful walk along Bahnhofstrasse, re-interpreting and re-using the most commercial street of Zurich. As part of the international Jane’s Walk Day.
March 4, 2013, Bahnhofstrasse, Zürich, Switzerland

Streifzug: Nachhaltiger Stadtspaziergang? [sustainable city-walk?]
/ walkshop
A stroll through Freiburgs neighborhood Vauban, a combination of treasure hunt, roleplay and household-visits, looking for ‘community’ (as ‘social sustainability’) and its manifestations. Invited by Finkenschlag of Stadttheater Freiburg. 20 participants.
March 2013, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Invisible Gents
/ walkshop
invisible-cities-walkshop in the working class area Rabot in Ghent, Belgium, with a group of 20 participants (mainly students).
March 2013, Rabot, Ghent, Belgium

Zürich Braucht Einen Wolff
/ movie
A poetic short movie as support for the election of Richard Wolff (urbanist / sociologist / INURA) in the city of Zurich’s city council (Stadtrat).
February 2013, Zürich, Switzerland, online

Kongresszentrum Gerold?
/ presentation / performative de-tour
Presentation of the methods “deconstruction and imagination” including a tour through the (imaginary) conference centre on Geroldareal. An excursion for ETH masterstudents in “Verkehrs- und Infrastruktursysteme”, invited by the IRL ETH Zurich.
November 2012, Geroldareal, Zürich West, Switzerland

Excursion (in)visible Langstrasse
/ walkshop
invisible-cities-walkshop in Zurichs “Langstrasse”, for and with researchers participating the conference “Negotiating (In)visibilities” by University of Copenhagen and ETH Zurich.
November 2012, Zürich, Switzerland

Lust & Find
/ walkshop
A search for the lustfull city around Zurichs Langstrasse, demanding all five senses of participants of the symposium reART:theURBAN.
October 2012, Zürich, Switzerland

Züri West De-Tour & MA-trans lecture
/ de-tour / teaching
A de-tour through Zurich West and its art in public space, with subsequent workshop and discussion of students contributions. For and with 30 art-students of the ZHdK master program in transdisciplinarity. Invited by Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK).
September 2012 Zürich, Switzerland

Asphalt Gallery @ AATC
/ exhibition / intervention / guerilla tactic
A guerilla art installation of empty picture frames in the public parking lots below Hardbrücke, as part of the “international parking day” and the public art festival “Art And The City” (AATC), in collaboration with Laura Bruns, supported by the AATC Festival and by “böff
September 2012, Hardbrücke, Zürich, Switzerland

Schatzsuche @ AATC
/ treasure hunt / game / map
Installations and treasure-map in form of a manual to individually explore Zurich West and its visible and invisible art treasures. As part of and supported by the “Art And The City” Festival.
August – September 2012, Zürich West, Switzerland

De-Tour @ AATC
/ de-tour / walkshop
A participative de-tour through Zurich West and behind and around its public artworks. As part of and supported by the “Art And The City” Festival.
June – September 2012 (3 tours), Zürich West, Switzerland  

The Pink Rabbit Experiment
/ walkshop
Playful imaginative parcour through the former industrial Binz-district, with participants (artists & scientists) of the research project “Re/Okkupation“. Invited by Imanuel Schipper, ZHdK.
March 2012, Binz, Zürich, Switzerland

Opening zURBS
/ exhibition
Exhibition of the models from the “Zurich West nochmals anders?” workshops, combined with artistic interpretations by Ildiko Sera, Evelien Stichelmeyer and Nina Lund Westerdahl.
February 2012, Galerie zieglerzwei, Zürich, Switzerland 

Züri West nochmals anders?
/ workshops / models
Utopian urban model-building workshops with seven groups of residents/users of Zurich West, capturing their dreams and ideas about their district.
February 2012, Zürich, Switzerland