PUFF travels

Puff Travels

Audio walk at Experimental Cities Conference, Copenhagen,
Thursday 21/9- 2017, 11:15 – 13:00

zURBS invited on an audio tour with a unique possibility to experience how radical urban visions and plans have materialized and developed in some of the many possible futures. We explored the movement, the dreams, the absurdities and certainties of what some people call reality.

Contrary to urban planning strategies that attempts to control the future through plans that are tied to the present in terms of fact production, risk management and control policies, these materialized futures are based on the unexpected, the unplanned and -certainly- the uncertain aspects of Sydhavnen today.

The tour were not just about exploring different futures, but was about bringing these possible futures “back” to work on the present, to inspire action and new forms of urban planning and development today. zURBS’ project invites and encourages you to imagine urban planning and development not as they are, but as they possibly might be.

Concept and stories: Cecilie Sachs Olsen, Sabeth Tödtli, Nina Lund Westerdahl
Audio: Cecilie Sachs Olsen, Birgitta My Anttlia, Nina Lund Westerdahl

Graphics: Nina Lund Westerdahl.