I går var i dag Fremtiden – a Time capsule

‘Yesterday, today was the future – a time capsule’ was an interactive urban performance that captured 24 typical hours in Copenhagen Harbour. September17, 2016. Copenhagen, DK

What is Copenhagen harbour anno September 2016?
If archaeologists examines this place inone thousand years, they easily find the simple building structures, documentation of new harbor baths, bridges and traces of traffic arteries.
But what do the pedestrians dream of? What isthe tourist’s view? How does the wind’s breeze feels? How does the water smell? Which sounds sets the stage?
How is this place lived?
In the performance‘Yesterday, today was the future – a time capsule’, we take on all the roles of “present-day archaeologists” and ask the questions:
What do we want to archive from today? What stories will we tell the future?
Do we include the negative aspects or do we draw a pretty postcard picture?
How is life between the buildings?
A time capsule is a snapshot. A filing of a “here and now”. A material manifestation of what happened on one specific day, a specific place, experienced by people who were there at that exact time.
zURBS ‘project collects this snapshot and perceptions of the immediate landscape and howwe experience and live in our city.