Urban Tracks

Urban Tracks

Audio walk Pavilleon, Z├╝rich,
19.06.18 – 17:30 // 20.06.18 – 19:00 // 21.06.18 – 17:30
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Participatory approaches to urban development has come a long way in providing frameworks that enable people to voice their opinions and to speak up in relation to urban issues. Nevertheless, residents often complain that their voices are not being heard.

While practically all the attention is paid to speaking, the aspect of listening has gained far less attention. Failing to listen, we fail to learn, and we damage our relationship with others. The feeling of not being heard increases the perceived distance between those who plan and administer the city and those who live in and use it, resulting in a lack of public trust.

To emphasise the importance of listening for creating shared understandings and ways of working in and with public space, zURBS develops a co-created audio-walk, providing transformative and multi-vocal listening experience in which different users of public space can listen with each other and public space in new and expansive ways.

How is public space in Kreis 1 imagined, perceived, used, discussed, controlled and planned? How can we provide a space for different ideas and perspectives on public space to be shared and understood across various differences and disagreements? How can we bring together institutional powers of the city (e.g. planners and policy makers) and citizens in civil society (e.g. local communities) to collectively imagine a more expansive use of public space?

Walking in a group together through Kreis 1, equipped with headphones with three channels, participants of the audio-walk can choose between three different narratives that will be played simultaneously. These narratives are not meant to add up to one homogeneous story, critique or take on public space in Kreis 1. Rather they display how public space can be seen as something performative, to be constantly produced and invented, according to different users, practices and perspectives.